DVM-1982 (78-ag); CVS Lahore

List of DVM graduates passing out from the College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore (presently UVAS) during 1982, registered with UAF as 78-ag; WhatApp Group +1 (410) 903-2422 (more members: 11-20; 21-30; 31-40; 41-42 plud current pictures)

  1. Dr Syed Muhamad Mohsin Raza Naqvi, Dr Muhammad Mumtaz
  2. Dr M Azeem Shahid, Dr Azhar Mahmood Jafri
  3. Dr Hussain Ali Ahmad Omari, Dr Imtiaz Ali Choudhry
  4. Dr Babar Pervez Khan, Dr Bakht Rawan Buneri
  5. Dr M Azeem Shahid, Dr Azhar Masood Jafri
  6. Dr M Aslam Garewal, Dr Atiq ur Rehman
  7. Ghulam Rasool Ch, Ghulam Rasool Ch
  8. Tayyab Munir Akhtar, Waseem Ahmad Khan
  9. Malik Imtiaz Hussain Awan, Miss Imtiaz Bibi
  10. Muhammad Afzal, Ahmed Saeed

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