Livestock TechnoParks will be established as triple helix good governance models in the developing countries

The delegates of the Fourth International Conferee and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park visited  Konya Teknokent on third day of the conference, under supervision of Dr Mithat Direk, Conference Chair, Faculty of Agricultureal Economics, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey. The delegates, more than fifty from Pakistan including others from various countries, visited Konya Teknokent on 3 November, were excited to know about the achievements made at the Teknokent. We were given a presentation by Mr Mehmet. It was recommended that a TechnoPark will be established at Mardan (TPM), with leading role of Women University Mardan, Dairy Science Park, KP Chamber of Commerce and Industries and SDGs Task Force. Similar TechnoPark will be established at Quetta (TPQ), which has already been agreed by BRSP, BCCI, SMEDA, BU, BUITMS and SBK WU. Mission of the two TechnoParks will be utilization of indigenous human and natural resources for welfare of the people through academia – industry linkage, with focus on entrepreneurship development and hygienic food production for local consumption and export. It was recommended that the autonomous TechnoPark to be registered as a Society, will be established at Mardan (TPM) and Swat (TPS), with leading role of Women University Mardan/University of Swat, Dairy Science Park, KP Chamber of Commerce and Industries/SMEDA and Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Similar TechnoPark will be established at Quetta (TPQ), which has already been agreed by BRSP, BCCI, SMEDA, BU, BUITMS and SBK WU and endorsed by Governor Balochistan.

An MoU was signed with  Konya Teknokent for establishment of Peshawar Technopark, Mardan-TechnoPark-WUM-Mardan and Quetta-TechnoPark-BU-Quetta. Konya Teknokent and Dairy Science Park will collaborate in Smart Energy programs, sharing success stories in food processing, quality control and marketing and sharing ARGE activities in Information Technologies, Agricultural Technologies, Biotechnology, Design Technologies, Environment and Energy Technologies and Defense Industries.

Livestock Technopark Peshawar

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations engaged Prof M Subhan Qureshi as National Consultant Livestock with the mutually agreed TORs requiring development of the Action Plan with estimated budget for Livestock Sector Development and Transformation, based on KP Livestock Policy; covering regulatory issues, value chain development, private sector engagement and overall required capacity at provincial and district levels; to elaborate on roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders focused on institutional reforms; review the current policy/strategies/program and align livestock sector priorities. All the participants except representative of the DG LDD Ext agreed on establishment of an autonomous body with full administrative, legislative, regulatory and financial authority. Livestock Technopark Peshawar (LTP) was suggested by the Mission, on the basis of FAO opinion on good governance, to build institutions and mechanisms that provide international norms, standards and data, promote international cooperation, and support an enabling environment for effective collective action to solve problems that cannot be addressed, or as effectively addressed, Introducing Good Governance Across Food Value Chain – Prof M Subhan Qureshi working at national level alone. The LTP would be an autonomous corporate body with legislative, regulatory, financial and administrative power to support entrepreneurship development and protect interests of the producers, processors, service providers and marketing partners. DSP considers the plan as a Good Governance model to be implemented in letter and spirit.

Livestock Technopark Quetta

In continuation to national consultancy for FAO-UN, the International Trade Centre – WTO/UN
provided me an opportunity as National Consultant, to contribute in reducing the hardships faced by
the people of Balochistan, getting benefits from the natural resources available in the form of sheep,
camels, goats, poultry, and cattle. ITC is focusing on internationalization of micro, small, and medium
enterprises in selected districts of Balochistan under the EU-funded “Growth for Rural Advancement
and Sustainable Progress” project. Four universities and public sector organizations (PSOs) each and
Balochistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI) were consulted to participate in the process
and contribute their regulatory, academic, financial, natural and human resources for transformation
p g p g g
of academia-industry-government nexus. The consultative process led to recommendation to establish
Livestock Technopark Quetta comprising two Centers of Excellence (CE) at universities and nine
Livestock Entrepreneurship Development Centers (LEDC) at PSOs. University graduates would be
facilitated to establish startups utilizing demonstrated-feasible models. CEs would provide academic
and LEDCs would provide land, animals, value addition, services and marketing support for such models. An Endowment Fund (EF) would support the network through an uninterrupted funding and
recovery. We expect generation of decent emplo

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