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We are thankful to the United Nations for accepting DSP to implement sustainable development action #SDGAction9671. The provincial government would extend all possible support to achieve the goals set for bringing peace and prosperity in the Region comprising KP, FATA, and Northern Areas of Pakistan and the adjoining areas of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and China.

The development and private sector organizations within the country and abroad, are invited to participate in this sacred mission and collaborate in launching novel initiatives like alternate energy solutions, environment protection, biorisk management, entrepreneurship development, legislative and policy support, quality control, and Halal certification in the food value chain.

You are welcome to Konya the city of Mevlana Rumi in Turkey to participate in the Fourth International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park scheduled for 1-5 November, 2017. Details are available at DSP 2017.

Online form may be submitted at Online Registration Form

Feel free to contact us:

Prof M Subhan Qureshi, President/CEO DSP; Email: [email protected]; [email protected]; mobile/WhatsApp +92 300 587 7933

Engr Irfan ul Haq Qureshi, Managing Director DSP; Email: [email protected]; Mobile/WhatsApp: +92 301 894 5994

Mr Kamran Akram Khan, Secretary DSP/Entrepreneurship Development; Email: [email protected]; Mobile/WhatsApp: +92 333 915 3616

Dr S M Suhail, PRO DSP; Email: [email protected]; Mobile/WhatsApp: +92 336 5868711

Malik Shah Murad Khan, Coordinator DSP, Email: [email protected], Mobile/WhatsApp: +92 345 942 2548

Mr Naseer Ahmad, Consultant Poultry DSP; Email: [email protected]; Mobile/WhatsApp: +92 333 932 7742

Muhammad Bilal Islam, Consultant Poultry; [email protected]; Mobile/WhatsApp: 342 159 6796

Dr. Sher Bahadar Khan (Microbiology/Biorisk Management); [email protected]; 0345 920 1297

Head Office: 23-A, Industrial Estate, Hayatabad, Peshawar-25000, Pakistan.

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