Reproductive Physiology of Domestic Animals – book published

Author: Prof Dr Muhammad Subhan Qureshi

Publisher: Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan

ISBN:  978-969-417-166-1

Preface: This textbook has been written to meet the requirements of the graduates and postgraduate students of the local universities. The available literature on the subject of reproductive physiology in domestic animals has been reviewed. Mental caliber of the local students was observed during the last two years and the materials of this monograph are made understandable for the students. The available literature in animal reproduction has been written by foreign authors, mostly covering the subject very extensively, making it difficult for the beginners. In addition no single available book can cover the whole syllabus, especially of Reproductive Physiology in DVM degree program. As the graduate students have to cover many subjects during a semester, they can not run after many books to understand a phenomenon. So availability of a comprehensive and current manuscript was considered essential for meeting requirements of the students of animal reproduction.

This manuscript has been prepared by going back to the approved syllabus contents. Systemic coverage of each topic has been made, starting from definitions and basic explanations of the topic. The succeeding paragraphs provide a revision of current state of knowledge on the respective topic, and field application of the knowledge so gained. Explanation of various biological mechanisms and processes has been made in a simple but comprehensive style using the information that are agreed by most authors and which are in use in the scientific community of the region. Graphic illustrations and tabulation are presented for explaining various biological phenomena, laboratory protocols and therapeutic intervention strategies.

Field application of the science has been reported along with all the relevant sections. Cost-effectiveness, compatibility with the international standards and adoption of various reproductive technologies relevant to the subject materials, are explained. Personal experience of the author in semen processing, factors affecting and managing reproduction under field conditions, and hormonal profiles during various reproductive states have been accommodated in the contents of this monograph.

Dr.RD Geisert, Animal Sciences Center, Columbia, MO, granted permission to use his illustrations in this manuscript which is highly acknowledged. Cooperation of the senior faculty especially of Prof. Dr. F. R. Durrani, Prof. Dr. G. Habib and Prof. Dr. N. Ahmad is acknowledged. Prof.Dr.M.Amjed has actively supported this project and Prof.Dr.S.K.Khalil has always been commending these endures. Dr.Hamayun has reviewed some portions of this manuscript. Sponsorship of the Higher Education Commission in reviewing, financing and publishing this manuscript is highly acknowledged.

I would not have been unable to do this job without the prayers of my mother, continuous untiring moral support of my wife and my children who made me comfortable whenever I got fatigued and exhausted.

Interest of the students of the BSc (Hons) AH and DVM degree at this University and their inconvenience in accessing desirable literature, has persuaded me to take and complete this task. They have been taught contents of this manuscript during the last two years with productive feedback. I wish that this manuscript prove helpful in meeting their academic needs.

M. Subhan Qureshi, PhD

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