Governor endorsed Quetta TechnoPark and Balochistan Chapter of Dairy Science Park

A team of Dairy Science Park comprising Prof M Subhan Qureshi, Chief Patron DSP, University of Agriculture, Peshawar; Dr M AzamKakar, Director World Bank Quetta and MrShakoor Ahmad, Provincial Chief SMEDA (Baluchistan), called on the Governor Balochistan, Mr Muhammad Khan Achakzai, in his office. The Governor was briefed on launching of the Balochistan Chapter of Dairy Science Park, Peshawar and was invited to attend the Fourth International Conference and Industrial Exhibition of DSP at Konya, Turkey to be held on November 1-5, 2017. The Governor appreciated the mission and considered it as an important tool for the welfare of the people of Balochistan. He showed keen interest in the development activities going on in the two provinces of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces.

The Governor advised for development of the livestock and horticultural resources of the province and predicted that Balochistan may become a regional hub for food production and trade across the food value chain. He emphasized on the need for appropriate planning and productive utilization of the resources for getting the due benefits for welfare of the people. DSP delegation informed the Governor about their efforts to establish a linkage between the academia, private sector, government departments and development organizationsunder the Dairy Science Park. The Governor especially appreciated the international linkages established under DSP and welcomed establishment of Quetta TechnoPark with Turkish collaboration. The Governor extended maximum support of the provincial and federal government for making the TechnoPark a success story in the Region.

The delegation earlier visited Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP), on invitation of Nadir GulBarech, CEO. The visit was facilitated by MrNaimatullah, Senior Manager and Mr Muhammad SirajulHaqGhori Program Advisor. A powerpoint presentation was displayed. The program has attracted European Union support worth US$ 26 million, which is commendable. BRSP has made its presence in 25 districts and 211 union councils of the province. BRDCEP, human and institutional development, microfinance, enterprise development, physical infrastructural and technology development, livelihood and IT programs are commendable. These programs have covered 354,000 households in the province, covering 25% of the provincial population. The progress was commended by the visiting DSP delegates, comprising Prof  M Subhan Qureshi, Dr Azam Kakar and Mr Shakoor Ahmad SMEDA.

Prof Qureshi desired that the community linkages developed by BRSP may be utilized by DSP through technology development and transfer through ORIC offices of the Universities; developing business models through SMEDA and export of Halal food through Balochistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries. BRSP would get representation in the form of a member in the Board of Governors DSP-Balochistan Chapter.

The Vice Chancellor Baluchistan University, Prof Dr Javed Iqbal was called in office. He was informed about establishment of Dairy Science Park and its mission of academia industry linkages; launching of DSP Baluchistan Chapter and establishment of Quetta TechnoPark with the Turkish Assistance during DSP 2017 at Konya, Turkey. Quetta TechnoPark would be hosted by Baluchistan University with assistant form BUITMS, SBKWU, BRSP and  SMEDA as a project of Dairy Science Park. The Vice Chancellor agreed on being part of DSP Baluchistan Chapter and TehchnoPark. He agreed on including entrepreneurship development, Quality Control and Traceability in the food value chain, through participation of ORIC/CASVAB. He wished to participate in DSP Konya and nominated Dr Waheed Noor, Dr Saadullah Jan and Dr Kaleemullah for participation in the same. He also agreed on hosting 6th DSP – 2021 at the University of Baluchistan.

A visit was made to Balochistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Quetta (BCCI). The members were facing big problems like transfer of money from or to Balochistan through formal channels in foreign currency. Dry and wet fruit are produced in huge quantity and their export has got a big potential in the province; however, getting an export license is almost impossible for the local traders. Sheep and goats in the province provide a big opportunity to the province to enter into international Halal meat market. Quarantine facilities need to be established at appropriate places along the boards with Iran and Afghanistan. Security issues in the region need to be handled seriously for promoting productivity through entrepreneurship development and support through quality control, processing facilities and export. Electronic Form-E/Manual Form-E is a requirement for exports taking place through One Customs, manual Form-E is being issued by Authorized Dealers at the request of exporters as per existing instructions. However, the members of BCCI/QCCI were not satisfied with the process and complained that Baluchistan has been declared red zone, regarding economic development.

It was recommended that Economic Zones may be developed in the province. Processing and cold storage/transportation facilitates may be established for food items like meat, milk, eggs, dry fruits and vegetables to support the indigenous food value chain. The rules and regulations need drastic reforms to create an enabling environment for utilizing the indigenous resources in an excellent manner.Prof Qureshi invited the members of BCCI to participate in the DSP 2017 – Turkeyand contribute in establishment of Quetta TechnoPark (QTP), to be established by the Dairy Science Park Baluchistan Chapter in collaboration with the local and international organizations, The PTFP would be able to develop entrepreneurship across food value chain for production of Halal and hygienic food for domestic market and export. The plan was endorsed by the members.

The DSP delegation visited Sardar Bahadar Khan Women University (SBKWU), Quetta, Prof Dr Rukhsana Jabeen welcomed the delegates and introduced the University, renowned for the quality of its teaching and learning, and for its commitment to engaging with society’s challenges through research and active citizenship, especially women. Prof Jabeen was enthusiastic in training the qualified women in entrepreneurship development in food value chain, especially feed production, poultry farming and fruits processing. The DSP delegates desired active participation of the ORIC office and Business Incubation Center of the University to participate in the DSP-Balochistan Chapter and Quetta TechnoPark.

BUITMS was visited by the DSP delegates, facilitated by Prof Muhammad NaeemShahwani, Director Office for Research on Innovations and Commercialization. ORIC is facilitating researchers/Engineers/Scientists for the commercialization of their research products. A discussion was held with the Dean Faculty of Life Sciences and Informatics, Prof Jamil Ahmad and faculty members. The Faculty comprises Departments of Biotechnology, Microbiology and Environmental Science. The Faculty is focusing on diversified life at chemical, molecular/cellular levels and understanding the mechanisms contributing in diversity in structures/functions of organisms.Application of the acquired knowledge of technological procedures in agriculture,health,industry & environment is another focus area of the Faculty. Prof Qureshi suggested establishment of a Department of Food Technology and Entrepreneurship to support the indigenous livestock and horticultural production regarding quality control, food processing and packaging. It was recommended that BUITMS would participate in the DSP Balochistan Chapter/Quetta TechnoPark as member Board of Governors.

A visit was made by DSP delegation to Center of Advanced Studies in Vaccinology and  Biotechnology (CASVAB), University of Baluchistan Quetta, facilitated by Dr Saadullah Jan. Prof Qureshi made a powerpoint presentation on the history, achievements and future vision of Dairy Science Park. The faculty members showed keen interest in the current challenges to livestock sector and scope for development of livestock resources with special emphasis on medium sized entrepreneurship development and establishment of corporate structures form food processing and export. Prof Qureshi endorsed the suggestion that potential areas may be identified for medium sized farming at state land and support for commercialization under the Quetta TechnoPark. The offer of CASVAB for improving quality of vaccines and its marketing at local commercial farms and export was endorsed.

Office of the provincial SMEDA was visited. Shakoor Ahmad provincial Chief arranged the meeting with cooperation of Dr Azam Kakar and both of them participated in the discussion to support development of the private sector and enable the province for competitive growth under the upcoming CPEC scenario. Prof Qureshi appreciated role of the SMEDA in supporting the local business community and desired their leading role in coordination with the academia, government and industry under the Baluchistan Chapter of Dairy Science Park.

Pakistan Television – TV Bolan arranged a one-hour discussion on the birth of the Dairy Science Park at UA Peshawar, launching of its Baluchistan Chapter, expected support to the indigenous resources of Balochistan and establishment of Quetta TechnoPark. Dr Eissa Khan, the anchorperson was keen in exploring the entrepreneurship development in food value chain and questions by rural farmers were answered by the DSP delegates.

Dr Muhammad Azam Kakar was hopeful that with the blessing of All Mighty Allah we will do our best efforts for the success and prosperity of the people of this un-privileged province of Pakistan. Prof M Subhan Qureshi mentioned the Baluchistan Chapter of Dairy Science Park asan open agenda and every individual and organization was invited to join us at any stage. He commended the hospitality, warm welcome and support of the Governor Baluchistan, Vice Chancellor BU, SBKWU, senior faculty of BUITMS, president BCCI, CEO BRSP, Director CASVAB,Chief SMEDA to DSP and prayed for success of the mission as a landmark in the history in the form of Quetta TechnoPark.

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