Good Governance through Policy Reforms

“Dairy Science Park Board would be established at Peshawar with expert members from the public and private sectors. For this purpose a summary would be submitted to the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It would lead to enhanced production of quality meat generating decent employment for the youth. A modern slaughter house would be established with a cost of Rs.200 millions. Peshawar Development Authority and Dairy Science Park would collaborate in establishing this facility so that quality meat is provided to the people.”

Inayatullah Khan

Senior Minister Local Government GoKP   

Dairy Science Park has gone through a struggle for policy reforms spread over a decade (UAP 2016DSP 2019). DSP has come up with the idea of the Triple Helix Model of Academia-Industry-Government Nexus of Good Governance. The Livestock Technopark Peshawar (LTP) has been proposed under FAO KP Livestock Action Plan 2019 as an autonomous body with regulatory, administrative and financial powers. 

Policy reforms have been suggested under the Dairy Science Park on the basis of its struggle spread over a period of a decade comprising the biennial international conference series, US-SNL sponsored Biorisk Management activities, entrepreneurship development and quality control certification. 

Under the proposed Livestock Technopark (LTP), at the end of the year 2021, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would be able to generate direct decent employments to the tune of 18000, each one earning about Rs.50,000 per month and employing five more persons each. Hygienic, Halal and Organic food would be produced per annum, as: 657.0 million kg milk, 19.2 m kg beef, 32.9 m kg mutton, 45.0 m kg poultry meat and 3.2 m kg fish meat, valuing Rs. 5098 billion. A fraction of 10% may be injected into Halal Meat Export Market. 

Motivated young graduates in veterinary, engineering, medical, business and social sciences would be joining LTP for their career development and transformation of ideas into actions to serve the society. Quality conscious consumers would be having access to traceable food products in the towns. Public and private sector organizations would be having sufficient operational funds for motivating their staff and serving the people.

And this is the Beacon of Hope committed by the author under policy reforms of the Dairy Science Park.

Provincial Governments

  1. Policy Reforms – The Story
  2. Special Economic Zones modulated under DSP
  3. DSP Board approved by Minister LG
  4. Task Force on DSP approved by GoKP
  5. Approval of DSP Task Force by CM KP
  6. CM approved Livestock Development Plan of Prof Qureshi
  7. Dr Shaukat Report on Dr MS Qureshi Plan presented to Governor KP
  8. Notification Advocacy Forum
  9. Notification Advocacy Forum – Corrigendum
  10. Governor Baluchistan endorsed DSP
  11. Good Governance Review KP
  12. Letter to ACS on Livestock Policy
  13. Science and Technology Park Peshawar (STPP) proposed

Academia Industry Consultation

  1. Academia Industry join hands for supply of hygienic meat
  2. Connecting Rumi, Iqbal and SDGs
  3. Livestock Policy for KP Finalized
  4. Biennial Conference series

International Inputs

  1. DSP-CPEC-China Collaborations
  2. DSP Konya Teknokent Turkey Collaboration for establishing TechnoParks
  3. Establishment of Technoparks
  4. SDG Action 9671 – FAO KP Livestock Action Plan
  5. Co-organized Entreprenurehip 2017, Mashad, Iran
  6. FAO KP Livestock Action Plan on Good Governance through Livestock Technopark Peshawar Peshawar
  7. FAO Balochistan Livestock Policy Formulated
  8. Presentation at FAO Balochistan Livestock Policy 2019 – Dialogue
  9. FAO-DSP Good Governance Model
  10. DSP selected as SDG Action 9671
  11. DSP as an FAO Best Practices Model
  12. FAO Nutrition Dialogue Series No5_Key learnings (Gmail of participation)
  13. Developing livestock technoparks as a good governance model for utilizing livestock resources in the developing countries
  14. The transformative potential of converting livestock resources into entrepreneurial models through livestock technoparks 

Resistance to Policy Reforms

  1. Policy Reforms resisted
  2. Policy reforms resisted; Peshawar High Court provided relief to Prof Qureshi; but his wife died due to victimization by VC UAP
  3. Conflict of interests
  4. Qureshi MS – FAO KP Livestock Action Plan – Part II
  5. Dr Subhan accuses KP officials of threatening farmers and processors

UN Consultancy Reports

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