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وَمَاۤ اَرۡسَلۡنٰكَ اِلَّا رَحۡمَةً لِّـلۡعٰلَمِيۡنَ

Wama arsalnaaka illa rahmatallilalameen (And We have sent you, Oh Muhammad,  not but as a mercy for the Worlds (Qur’an, 21:107)

DSP has been introduced as a sacred mission for welfare of people of the Region through generation of self employment and hygienic/Halal food production. The Park has been registered as a Society with the Government of KP, Pakistan and accepted by the United Nations as #UNSDGAction9671. In line with the vision of the Higher Education Commission, the business incubation concepts were integrated into postgraduate research ongoing at the Faculty, shaping up the University – Industry linkages. A biennial series of international workshops was initiated and it continued during November, 2011, 2013 and 2015, each by 450+ delegates, with 100+ technical papers and industrial exhibition. The proceedings were published online/printed and in impact factor journals. The 1st workshop focused on post-flood revival of dairy industry, the 2nd on meat potential of the region and the 3rd on entrepreneurship development for the outgoing graduates. The fourth conference was held at Selcuk University Konya, Turkey Nov 1-5, 2017 with the theme, “Achieving Food Security through Entrepreneurship Development and Biorisk Management”.

Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) have been the sites of international conflicts. The region is mostly mountainous and arid, rich in natural resources, predominantly livestock like sheep, goats, cattle, buffaloes, and poultry. The total value of livestock heads is Rs.1.09 trillion (US $10 billion). However, the huge resource base can neither provide good economic return to the producers, nor quality food to the consumers. These holdings threaten public health safety. The main reasons behinds this state of affairs are poor socio-economic status of the farmers, lack of resources and focus on part of the state institutions, and a hostile marketing system. DSP has been working on generating solutions to these issues.

Emerging industries in milk and meat processing and marketing have been provided technical and Quality Control certification support to relieve legal threats from the District Administration, who focus on price capping of milk and meat rather than quality. Meat shops established on modern lines of hygiene produce quality beef; however such facilities are raided by the government agencies on the basis of higher prices. DSP has been facilitating inspection of such facilities; providing SOPs for quality standards and issuing certificates. Similar services are being extended to private slaughter houses and meat/milk processing centers and other emerging entrepreneurs. Sandia National Lab USA has been supporting DSP under a Biorisk Management Collaboration. Five consultative workshops were held in Amsterdam, Dubai, Bangkok, Puket and Colombo, participated by 70 members/times of DSP; and developed contents on biorisk management into the DVM curriculum in Pakistani Universities and food value chain. Selected faculty members of the DVM degree awarding Universities would be trained in BRM under DSP-SNL collaboration.

The Senior Minister, Local Government, Government of KP chaired a high level meeting held on 3-3-2016 and agreed on proposal of DSP for implementation of an ADP project for establishing a Modern Slaughter House. Consequently, a Summary was initiated for Chief Secretary which was supported by Additional Chief Secretary. A note was initiated by the Senior Minister for Establishment of Task Force on Dairy Science Park which was approved by the Chief Minister on 2-8-2017. Dairy Science Park intends to establish Technoparks in various universities of the country through collaboration with Konya Teknokent and other development, government and private sector organizations.

DSP-UN partnership for SDGs


Biennial Conference Series

  1. Dairy Science Park I – 2011 Peshawar
  2. Dairy Science Park II – 2013 Peshawar
  3. Dairy Science Park III – 2015 Peshawar
  4. Dairy Science Park IV – 2017 Konya
  5. Dairy Science Park V – 2019 Quetta
  6. Dairy Science Park 2019 – Khartoum, Sudan
  7. Dairy Science Park 2019 – Beni Suef Egypt


  1. DSP Innovations Workshop, March 2017
  2. Peshawar Pets Show
  3. KPCCI briefed on Livestock Industrialization under DSP
  4. USAID-PATTA Training for agriculture and livestock farmers in KP
  5. Enterpreneurship Show 2017 Mashhad
  6. Advocacy Forum DSP established
  7. Price capping damaging livestock industry


  1. Conference Proceedings: DSP-IW-2011   DSP-IW-2013   DSP-IW-2015   Proc-DSP 2017
  2. Newsletters: DSP NL Mar 2015  DSP NL June 2015  DSP NL Sep 2015  DSP NL Dec 2015
  3. Special Reports: DSP Profile – July 2016

Feasibility reports for Entrepreneurship Models

  1. 500-rabbits-feasibility
  2. 5000-qualis-feasibility
  3. Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network
  4. Good Governance Review KP

Press coverage


International consultation

  1. One-Health-Congress-at-Amsterdam
  2. DSP-Sandia BRM Workshop at Dubai
  3. DSP-Sandia BRM Workshop at Bangkok
  4. DSP-Sandia BRM Workshop at Phuket
  5. DSP-Sandia BRM Workshop at Colombo
  6. DSP-Sandia BRM Consultation at Konya
  7. DSP-Sandia BRM Workshop at Jordan
  8. DSP-Sandia BRM Workshop at Dubai
  9. BRM-DVM-Curriculum-Integration
  10. DSP-BRM Home

International Collaboration

  1. DSP Technoparks
  2. DSP-Chinese Collaboration under CPEC
  3. DSP-US Collaboration on Biorisk Management (BRM)
  4. DSP-Turkish Collaboration for DSP IV – 2017 Konya
  5. DSP-Iranian Collaboration for Entrepreneurship Nexus

Institutional Collaboration

  2. WUM DSP MoU
  4. DSP BRM committee

Curriculum Development

  1. BRM Curriculum – General
  2. BRM Curriculum – Animal Sciences
  3. BRM Curriculum – Medical Sciences
  4. BRM-DVM-Curriculum-Integration Package


Policy reforms

  1. DSP Board approved by Minister LG
  2. Task Force on DSP approved by GoKP
  3. Approval of DSP Task Force by CM KP
  4. CM approved Livestock Development Plan of Prof Qureshi
  5. Dr Shaukat Report on Dr MS Qureshi Plan presented to Governor KP
  6. President KPCCI briefed on DSP
  7. Livestock Policy for KP Finalized
  8. Governor Baluchistan endorsed DSP
  9. Policy Reforms resisted
  10. DSP Konya Teknokent Collaboration for establishing TechnoParks
  11. Good Governance Review KP
  12. Letter to ACS on Livestock Policy
  13. Notification Advocacy Forum
  14. Notification Advocacy Forum – Corrigendum
  15. Establishment of Technoparks
  16. FAO KP Livestock Action Plan on Good Governance through Livestock Technopark Peshawar Peshawar
  17. Balochistan Livestock Policy Formulated
  18. Peshawar High Court provided relief to Prof Qureshi; but his wife died due to victimization of the family
  19. Good Governance


Farming Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development

  1. University Feed Mill functionalized under PPP
  2. Silage introduced at dairy and calf fattening farms in KP, Pakistan
  3. DSP consultation on calf fattening models
  4. Postgraduate Industrial Research
  5. DSP Farm Services and Marketing
  6. DSP introduced Calf Fattening
  7. Business Incubation in Poultry Science
  8. Peshawar Meat Value Chain
  9. Dairy Technology Training
  10. Peshawar Meat -Dairy Science Park Innovations
  11. beacon of hope
  12. Investor One Pager

Quality Control Certification

  1. Quality Control Certification of Jan Meat Shops
  2. DSP Slaughering Point, Bar Tehkal
  3. Jan Arcade Meat Shop, Peshawar
  4. Dairy Life
  5. Mr Kamal Khan, silage industry
  6. Farmer’s Sausage Company, Peshawar
  7. Royal Dairies, Peshawar

Registration of partners

  1. DSP Registration Form (Join Dairy Science Park as a producer, processor, service provider, development or investment partner)
  2. DSP-Incentives-Urdu-22

Applied research and development papers

  1. Aflatoxins metabolism
  2. Safe Feeding to Livestock – FAO
  3. Meat Processing Technology-FAO 2007
  4. World animal day October 04
  5. برائلر کی حقیقت اور افادیت  – Don’t be afraid of Broilers
  6. Livestock and sustainable development do mix
  7. 100 years of Nestle
  8. Methane reduction feeding strategy
  9. Halal Guidelines for manufacturers (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia -JAKIM)
  10. FAO Good Governance Model

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