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Dairy Science Park has been linking the local livestock and poultry producers and processors with the manufacturers and suppliers of products required in livestock and poultry farming and processing units. We are providing this Forum to facilitate marketing linkages between the producers, processors and input suppliers, like medicines, vaccines, semen, equipment, etc. We have successfully established such links under our biennial series of International Conferences and Industrial Exhibitions on Dairy Science Park during 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Collaboration with CEBG

A team of Dairy Science Park and Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, University of Agriculutre Peshawar visited the Center of Excellence for Bovine Genetics (CEBG), Military Farms Complex, Okara for exploring collaboration in semen and embryo production, quality control and marketing. 

The visiting team comprised Prof M Subhan Qureshi Dean FAHVS, Prof Sarzamin Khan Chairman/Chief Technical Advisor DSP, Engr Irfan ul Haq Qureshi President DSP, Dr Hamayun Khan Assistant Professor Theriogenology, Dr Shoaib Sultan Afridi Assistant Professor Nutrition, Dr Rajwali Khan Lecturer Livestock Management, Dr Azmatulallah Khan PhD student theriogenology and Dr Shah Murad Student M Phil Theriogenology. The visit was very kindly allowed by Prof Zahoor Ahmad Swati, Vice Chancellor UA Peshawar and facilitated by Brig Ehtisham, Brig Faheem, Col Mahboob and Col Nemat. Capt Khalid of ET Lab and Capt Mohsin and Dr Shazia of Semen Lab demonstrated various techniques.

CEBG is a training and production institute of Remount Veterinary and Farms Corps (RV & FC), established in collaboration with Planning Commission of Pakistan and Livestock Dairy Development Department (LDDD) as a mega project to improve the genetic potential of livestock at Military Farms cattle herd and national level.

A visit was made to the Embryo Transfer Laboratory located at Military Farm Okara. The setup comprises animal sheds and a laboratory complex. Top performing male and female animals are selected among a wide based bovine population located at various stations and utilized for superovulation. The collection is made the adjacent Embryo Transfer Laboratory at about three months interval and embryos are either stored or transferred to the recipients. A fair number of embryos of Holstein Friesian, Brahman (beef) and crossbred cattle are available at the Laboratory.

Than the team visited the Semen Production Unit located at Renala Khurd, Okara. The Unit has stationed bulls selected among a larger population of cattle from various stations. The Center has been producing semen, of Holstein Friesian, Jersey, Sahiwal, Brahman (Beef) and Cholistani cattle. Being summer, a cooling system was in function keeping the animals in a comfortable state.

Multimedia presentation was made by the Col Mahboob and Prof M Subhan Qureshi, highlighting the salient features of their respective organizations. Detailed discussions were held at both the stations regarding bilateral collaboration in research and training/business support to the farmers and veterinary practitioners of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the Dairy Science Park. The elite semen and embryo available at CEBG, from cattle with a milk yield of up to 14000 per lactation for dairy cows and a daily weight gain of above 1000 g for beef animals were recommended for supply to the local farmers and practitioners under the Park in addition to the training courses, at appropriate rates. The FSH of porcine origin being used for superovulation was recommended for replacement with bovine/ovine one; to ensure Halal certification. Scientists of both the organizations were advised to look for an alternate source of FSH. The DS Park team offered collaborative research programs for introducing techniques like marker assisted selection, identify animals of better genetic worth regarding milky yield, disease resistance and fertility traits in their earlier part of life. Research support was offered by DSP team for overcoming the issues in superovulation, embryo development and handling. Establishment of a setup at U A Peshawar was recommended as a joint initiative. It was recommended that the surplus male calves produced at Military Farms may be considered for fattening by farmers of KP under the Park. A joint pilot project may be launched for rearing such calves at farmers level. DSP will facilitate marketing of CEBG products and services at NGOs and other organizations in KP. The Agribusiness Support Fund has been negotiating with DSP for providing assistance to farmers and processors at KP and it will be used for facilitating CEBG support to KP farmers.

The CEBG team was informed about holding of the series of the International Workshops on Dairy Science Park during November 2011, 2013 and they were invited to the third workshop scheduled for November 16-20, 2015; which the CEBG team accepted with thanks. The Dean FAHVS thanked the hosts for demonstrating the CEBG facilities to the visiting scientists and for their offer to share their facilities with KP people.

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