Good Governance reviewed under Action4SDGs #SDGAction9671

A meeting of KP Livestock Farmers Association and Dairy Science Park was held at Khyber Institute of Veterinary Science Peshawar at 3:00 PM on 30 September, 2019 under the #Action4SDGs.

Efficiency of the public sector organizations (PSOs), responsible for serving the stakeholders across Livestock Value Chain, were discussed. The participants showed their dissatisfaction on the performance of various organizations in responding to the issues of unjustified price regulation at lower rates by the district administration, without providing any relief to the farmers and processors. The Food Safety and Halal Food Authority raid the food handling facilities in the name of quality control regulations while they fail to notify the authentic relevant standards, nor they train or support the newly emerging enterprenures trying to survive under the hostile environment.

Veterinary hospitals are awaiting sick animals for treatment and heavy funds are utilized on purchase of medicine on the basis of lowest price, hence lowest quantity. Development projects are launched without any role of the stand in the process. Valuable foreign exchange is used for importing Foot and Mouth Vaccine instead of strengthening local production set up in the province.

Out of four veterinary degrees awarding universities only one is accredited by Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council. Neither PVMC nor the University Administration are supporting the students in degree accreditation process.

Slaughter Houses and Livestock Markets are used for generation of revenue but no facilities are provided for the animals or their attendants. No facilities are available for producing and cold storage Halal and Hygienic Meat.

Decisions in each Public Service Organization are held by a single person without considering interests of the stakeholders.

Dairy Science Park, KP Livestock Farmers Association and University experts have suggested establishment of an autonomous Livestock Technopark Peshawar with full administrative, regulatory, legislative and financial authority to respond to these issues. This would be a Good Governance Model for efficient management of livestock resources.

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