International, Development and Corporate

International Partners of Dairy Science Park


  1. DSP-UN Partnership – UNDESA New York
  2. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, (CASS) China
  3. Charles Sturt University Australia
  4. International Livestock Research Institute Kenya8
  5. Argentina
  6. The International Society of Zoological Sciences China
  7. Selcuk University Konya, Turkey
  8. Sandia National Laboratories USA
  9. Smith and Franklins Publishers UK
  10. Teknokent Konya Turkey
  11. Highway Conference Discovery System China
  12. SETBIR Turkey
  13. ASUD Turkey
  14. HICDS China
  15. Amanah Halal Research Centre Germany 

Corporate partners – National

National – Corporate

  1. DSP Slaughtering Point, Bar Tehkal, Peshawar
  2. Jan Arcade Meat Shop, Peshawar
  3. Meat Park, Peshawar
  4. Dairy Life, University Feed Mill
  5. Mr Kamal Khan, silage industry
  6. Reon Energy Solutions, Lahore
  7. Ghazi Brothers, Lahore
  8. DSP Innovations
  9. Farmer’s Sausage Company, Peshawar
  10. Royal Dairies, Peshawar
  11. CATTLEKIT, Lahore
  12. Livestock Exporters Assoc Pak
  13. Riaz Park, Bannu
  14. Romer Labs, Pakistan, Rawalpindi
  15. Asif and Co, Peshawar
  16. Calves and Calves Pvt Ltd
  17. ICI Pakistan Ltd
  18. M Dairy Solutions Pakistan
  19. Solve Agric Pakistan Ltd
  20. Globe group of companies
  21. Peshawar PCR Lab (PPL), Emergency Gate LRH, Peshawar
  22. Delta Pharma Pvt Ltd Risalpur
  23. Hilal Meat Co Islamabad
  24. Azhar and Co Lahore
  25. Munir and Co Peshawar
  26. Khan Dairies and Feeds, Islamabad
  27. Pak Holstein Farm Risalpur
  28. Mr M Tahir, Dairy Farmers, Pirpyaee, Nowshera
  29. Dairy Solution Pvt Ltd Lahore
  30. Altaf and Co Lahore

Development partners

National – Development

  1. SDGs Task Force, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly
  2. Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority Peshawar
  3. Khyber Medical University, Peshawar
  4. University of Agriculture Peshawar
  5. Khyber Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Peshawar
  6. SBBU, Sheringal
  7. Veterinary Research Institute, Peshawar
  8. CEBG, Military Farms Group Okara
  9. Women University Mardan
  10. Halal Research Council Lahore
  11. Banking – the exclusive bimonthly magazine on Islamic Banking and Finance
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