Popular articles of Prof M Subhan Qureshi

Popular articles

1. Qureshi, M.S., S.R. Shah, 1997. Instruction manual for anti- and postmortem protection of hides and skins. Handout number DVRI-1/97. Vet. Res. Instt. Peshawar.

2. Qureshi, M.S. and G.Zaman, 1998. Proposed program for improvement of Artificial Insemination in NWFP. Vet. Res. Instt. Peshawar. (Prepared on advice of the GoNWFP)

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4. Qureshi, M.S., 1998b. Fertility in buffaloes – Effect of body condition score. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. March 19.

  1. Qureshi, M.S., 1998c. Season effects fertility in dairy buffaloes. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. April 4.
  2. Qureshi, M.S., 1998d. Import of milk – Rs.100 billion annual wastage. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. July 5.
  3. Qureshi, M.S., 1998e. Livestock Sector – Horrifying factors and appropriate solutions. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. August 31.
  4. Qureshi, M.S., 1998f. Dairy Sector – Productive potential. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. October 4.
  5. Qureshi, M.S., 1998g. Dairy overfeeding losses. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. Oct. 29.

10. Qureshi, M.S., 1998h. Livestock sector in the NWFP. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. November 19.

11. Qureshi, M.S., 1998i. Chief Minister’s Livestock Improvement Program. Government of NWFP, Vet. Res. Instt. Peshawar. (Prepared on advice of the Chief Minister NWFP).

12. Qureshi, M.S., 1999a. Under-managed livestock resources. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. February 9.

13. Qureshi, M.S., 1999b. Reorganization of livestock services. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. February 18.

14. Qureshi, M.S., 1999c. Beneficial Animal – Buffalo. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. October 10.

15. Qureshi, M.S., 1999d. The livestock sector – environmental perspectives. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. November 29.

16. Qureshi, M.S., 1999e. Environment and Livestock. Green News. Issue No: 91, Green Press, Islamabad.

17. Qureshi, M.S., 1999f. Buffalo research in the world. Buffalo Newsletter. Instituto Sperimentale per la Zootecnia, Monterotondo, Italy. Number 13, October.

18. Qureshi, M.S., 2000. Peri-urban Dairies. The Daily Frontier Post, Peshawar. Jan. 17.

19. Qureshi, M.S., 2000a. Devolution of power and responsibility – Livestock export potential. Submitted to the National Reconstruction Bureau, Islamabad.

20. Qureshi, M.S., 2000b. Economic revival and good governance. The Veterinary News and Views (Weekly), Faisalabad. 4 (8), September 16-23. The Nation, December 31.

21. Ali, C.S. and M.S.Qureshi, 2000. Improvement Program for Livestock and Dairy Development Department NWFP. Vet. Res. Instt. Peshawar. (Submitted to Governor NWFP).

22. Qureshi, M.S., 2001. Chief Minister’s Livestock Development Plan. (Approved by CM).

23. FAO, 2001. Integrating Food Security Issues into Agricultural Research. FAO of UN Rome. (Contributed in preparation of the draft report).

24. Qureshi, M.S., 2001. Pakistan Update. The milk report, Incorporating the Pasture Summary. Basic Foodstuffs Service, Commodities and Trade Division, FAO, Rome. # 6.

25. Qureshi, M.S., M.A.Khan, Z.Khan and Pervez, 2002. Guidelines for handling hemoglobinuria and paresis in cattle and buffaloes on both sides of river Kabul in District Nowshera. VRI Technical Paper No.1/02. Vet. Res. Instt. Peshawar.

26. Qureshi, M.S., 2002a. Guidelines for improvement of quality of semen. VRI Tech.Paper No.2/02. VRIPeshawar. 

27. Qureshi, M.S., 2002b. School Milk Program. Pakissan.com.

28. Qureshi, M.S., 2003a. Save the Dairy Sector–Save Rs.1043 bln/annum Pakissan.com

29. Qureshi, M.S., 2003b. Livestock Farming – Adding to Export Potential Dawn, 29 June.

30. Qureshi, M.S., 2003c. Delayed insemination results in higher conception rates. Water_Buffalo Group Dec. 4, Pakissanforum Dec. 4., World Vet Ass  Bull Dec 4; Business Recorder Dec.8; Buffalo Newsletter FAO Rome, SAIC Newsletter, SAARC, Bangladesh).

31. Qureshi,2003d.School Milk Program NWFP. http://www.pakissan.com/allabout/livestock/dairy/school.milk.project.shtml

32. Qureshi, M.S., 2004. Prospects of dairy industry in NWFP. L&DD NWFP, Pesh. Apr.29.

33. Qureshi, M.S., 2004. Guidelines for improvement of laboratory environments for semen processing at Semen Production Unit Harichand. VRI Technical paper 1/2004.

34. Qureshi, M.S., S. Khan and N. Ahmad. 2008. Pregnancy Depresses Milk Yield in Dairy Buffaloes. Technical Articles – Dairy Cattle, May 6, Engormix.

35. Qureshi, M.S., 2008. New insights into factors affecting reproduction. Engormix.29 May.

36.Mushtaq, A. and M.S. Qureshi, Swati, 2009. Variation in milk composition and its relationship with physiological states and management in crossbred cattle under tropical conditions. Engormix.com, 23 Nov. 

37. Suhail, SM, MS Qureshi, S Khan, Ihsanullah and FR Durrani. Inheritance of Economic Traits of Dairy Buffaloes in Pakistan. Engormix.com, 2 Sep.

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