DSP participated in Agric Policy Seminar in China

Dairy Science Park  participated in the Seminar on Agricultural Development Policies and measures, coordinated by Li Lunin also called as Sylvie.

Mr. Wei Liang/ Deputy, Division Director, Center of International Cooperation Service, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) opened the Seminar via zoom.

The following presentations were made:

  • Presentation 1: General introduction to China’s agriculture
  • Presentation 2: Agricultural technology extension in China
  • Presentation 3: Introduction to China’s experience to combat Covid19
  • Panel Dission 1: Industry development in rural areas and countryside management
  • Online Visit 1: Intelligent management of rice production (Chinese-English simultaneous
    interpretation service is provided.)
  • Presentation 4: Intelligent production of vegetable (Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation service is provided.)
  • Presentation 5: International trade between China and African countries
  • Presentation 6: Agricultural security policies in China and how it drives sustainable development
  • Presentation 7: Innovative poverty alleviation in China
  • Presentation 8: Production and processing of maize in China
  • Presentation 9: Development potential of cassava products in China
  • Presentation 10: How China develops and preserves agricultural heritage (Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation service is provided.)
  • Panel Discussion 2: Country report of national agricultural conditions and potential cooperation fields (1
    representative from Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Myanmar, Ghana, Sri Lanka. No more than 20′ each representative. )
  • Panel Discussion 3: Country report of national agricultural conditions and feedback (1 representative from Thailand, Malaysia, Armenia, Botswana ,Mongolia. No more than 20′ each representative.)     

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