Dr Sania Subhan Qureshi


A highly enthusiastic, dedicated hard worker, and firmly believe in the power of teamwork. My professional carrier started with earning my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 2017 from The University of Agriculture Peshawar. Building on that foundation, I pursued an MPhil degree in Veterinary Pathology from the same university in 2019. During my MPhil program, I had the incredible opportunity to delve deep into the world of veterinary pathology. My research centered on the comparison of three prevalent serotypes of Foot-and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) in Pakistan: serotype A, O, and Asia-1. This involved an extensive analysis of viral isolates, and I employed various cutting-edge techniques, including ELISA, Real-time PCR, and in-vitro cell culturing. Through this research, I gained invaluable insights into the pathogenicity, molecular characteristics, and immune responses associated with these serotypes.
In addition to my academic pursuits, I also served as a Research Officer in a cell culture laboratory for a remarkable five years. During this time, I successfully completed numerous Annual Technical Research Programs. Some of these projects included comparing the use of fetal bovine serum and horse serum for the production of the BHK-21 cell line, evaluating optimal seeding concentrations for culturing the Baby Hamster Kidney-21 cell line, adapting the Fetal Goat Tongue Cell Line (ZZR-127), and working on the adaptation of FMD field virus isolates (Fetal Goat Tongue Cell line adapted) on the Baby Hamster Kidney-21 cell line. Furthermore, I assisted the Dairy Science Park as Editor of the Proceedings Books of the biennial series of international conferences and industrial exhibitions.


  • Research Officer, Foot and Mouth Disease Research Center, Veterinary Research Institute Peshawar
  • Secretary, Expert Panel, One Health, Dairy Science Park


    1. Qureshi MS 2020. Good Governance Model for Agribusiness: A report prepared on advice of FAO-UN for transforming livestock resources into a network of entrepreneurs, generating … (Dairy Science Park publications Book 1). Amazon, Kindle Editition
    2. Qureshi, S.S., B. Ullah, S. Khan, H.U. Rehman and M.S. Qureshi. 2022. Comparative study of the virulency of different serotypes of foot and mouth disease virus by using baby hamster Kidney-21 cell line. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture, 38(3): 778-783. Download

Conference Papers

    YOUTH. Proc 4th Int Conf Industrial Exhibit Dairy Sci Park.
  2. Qureshi SS, Khan K, Khan S, Ashraf Faiza (2019). Comparative effects of Fetal bovine serum and Horse serum on revival and proliferation of Baby Hamster Kidney – 21 cell line for Foot and Mouth Disease virus. (2019). Proc 3rd National Conf Emerging Trends in Bioinformatics and Biosciences. Hazara
    University, Pakistan. page 7.


  • Proceedings of the 4th International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park,November 1-5, 2017, Konya, Turkey
  • Proceedings of the 5th International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park, November 1-5, 2017, Quetta Pakistan
  • Proceedings of the 6th International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park, November 1-5, 2017, Bahawalpur, Pakistan

International Training Courses:

  1. Consultative Workshop on ‘Biorisk Management; Sandia National Laboratories USA and Dairy Science Park Peshawar, Pakistan; 14-18 November, 2016
  2. Online Foot and Mouth Disease Laboratory Investigation Training Course European Commission for Foot and Mouth Disease, Pirbright; February, 2019.
  3. Online Foot and Mouth Disease Investigation Training course for South Asia European Commission for Foot and Mouth Disease; February, 2019
  4. Online Seminar on Capacity Building for Female Officials from Developing Countries. Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and
    organized by China Women’s University; 9-22 November, 2022.
  5. Online Laboratory Waste Management Training Sandia National Laboratories, USA 2nd-5th May 2023.

National Training Courses

  1. Raising Awareness and Encouraging Students on Zoonotic and Environmental Diseases Research and Response Relief International, The University of Agriculture Peshawar; 28th December, 2011
  2. 1st International Workshop on DairyScience Park, The University ofAgriculture, Peshawar; 21-23, November, 2011
  3. World Veterinary Day The University of Agriculture Peshawar 30th April, 2012
  4. 2nd International Workshop on Dairy Science Park. The University ofAgriculture, Peshawar; 18-20 November.
  5. 3rd International Workshop on Dairy Science Park, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar; 16-18 November, 2015
  6. 1st National Conference on Recent Advances in Functional Foods. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore; 5-6 October, 2016
  7. Organic Farming-CleanFood The University of Agriculture Peshawar and Sadiq Poultry (Pvt) Limited; 26 December, 2016
  8. Feeding 9 billion through sustainable Agriculture. Pakistan Agricultural Scientists Forum, TheUniversity of Haripur, Haripur; 8-10 December, 2016
  9. 4th International conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park, Selcuk University, Konya,Turkey; 1-5th November, 2017
  10. Hands-on-TrainingWorkshop on Cryopreservation Alpha Genomics Private Limited, Islamabad; 16th January, 2018
  11. Public Health Curriculum Development; Khyber Medical University 14, 15 and 23rd February,2018
  12. 3rd invention to Innovation Summit Balochistan 2018 Buy and Sell Technology, University of Balochistan 24-25th April, 2018
  13. Biorisk Management Association for Biorisk Management, TheUniversity of Agriculture Peshawar. 08-12th October, 2018
  14. Workshop on Animal Genomic Studies. Veterinary Research Institute Peshawar; 21-22nd March, 2019
  15. National Training Workshop on Production of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Vaccine using Cell Suspension Culture System. Center for Biologics Production, University ofVeterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore. 10-14th June, 2019
  16. Third National Conference on Emerging Trends in Bioinformatics and Biosciences, Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan 3-5th October, 2019
  17. Biorisk Management (Refresher Course): Association of Biorisk Management 15-16th October 2019
  18. Biorisk Management Association of Biorisk Management 13-17th January, 2020
  19. Tenth Kissan (Farmers’) Convention. Pakistan Academy for Rural Development; 18-20th February, 2020


  • Class Position: Got second position in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Narrator: Gawal e Ka Tarana – Dairy Farmer’s Poem (This poem was authored by Mr. Shah Hussain Afridi, former Secretary of Agriculture, Government of KP, Pakistan and narrated by Dr. Sania Subhan Qureshi, Veterinary Research Institute in Peshawar, beautifully captures the struggles faced by Prof. M Subhan Qureshi. The poem delves into his relentless efforts to analyze and respond to the challenges confronted by livestock farmers and related industries, all within the context of the Dairy Science Park initiative. This poetic expression highlights the dedication of individuals like Prof. M Subhan Qureshi in addressing the multifaceted issues within the agricultural sector. The narrative emphasizes the importance of the Academia-Industry-Government Nexus, employing the Triple Helix Model as a framework for good governance. The objective is clear: to establish a network of entrepreneurship spanning the entire food value chain. By employing this collaborative model, the initiative seeks to promote innovation and economic development, fostering cooperation among academia, industry, and government. The ultimate goal is to create a synergistic relationship that benefits all stakeholders involved in the agricultural landscape. If you have specific inquiries or would like further discussion on “Gawale Ka Tarana” or the mentioned initiatives, please feel free to ask! DOI:  10.13140/RG.2.2.30075.69925

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