The Purpose of Life (Incomplete)

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The purpose of life! Why we exist? How this tiny Earth came into existence in the big Cosmos, how it continues to survive and how it is protected from black holes, meteors, solar winds and collisions with other cosmic bodies? How the Earth got the extraordinary favorable conditions to support life? How the Human Being emerged on Earth as the most advanced form of life? Did all these occur spontaneously or the events were orchestrated by a Great Designer? Who created everything? Do we need a Creator, a Sustainer and an all-times Protector?

Does God exist?

Where did we come from? Are we useless creatures in this vast Universe spread over 93 billion light years existing since 13.8 billion years? Is He free to take care of us? Is He listening to me and responding to my calls? Is He taking care of all of us and the Universe? Who is protecting us all in this Universe from Disasters? Does anyone care about us, entrapped in a series of miseries and trials? Does my Creator remember me and taking care of me? What He wants from me? How can I make Him happy? Can I email Him? Can I get the divine guidance? Who are prophets? Who is the last Prophet Muhammad SAW? What is the impact of the last prophet on this World and the Universe?

How can I retrieve the message of God? Does He respond to my calls? Can I see Him? Can I talk to Him? What is my duty? What is my duty towards the Creator and the creatures? How can I increase value of my time?  Am I successful in my life? Am I accountable to anybody for my bad deeds? Are we being punished by the Creator individually and collectively through disasters like corona virus? Have we entered the era of fitnas of Dajal before the Doomsday? Will I be rewarded by anyone for my good deeds? What is the Hereafter? How I will be punished for my deeds? What stages I will have to pass through? What is my ultimate destination?

These are the numerous questions coming to the conscious mind of the human beings. Human being among the numerous plants and animals is, of course, the in charge of his own deeds and his deeds are impacting the environment surrounding him. He is responsible for making this World a beautiful or an ugly place in the Universe. His interaction with the fellow humans determines the status of peace and prosperity among his fellow humans and the status of health of the animals, plants and environment around him.

The author has tried his best to ponder upon these questions and to respond in the best possible manner in light of the scientific evidence and divine guidance. He presented his humble efforts as an autobiography before the readers and wish that his successes and failures may prove as a lesson for the readers in overcoming their life challenges and determining their life mottoes.

Prof Muhammad Subhan Qureshi

President Dairy Science Park

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The Big Bang; Birth of elementary particles; Cosmic microwave background; Birth of stars, galaxies and black holes; Birth of the solar system; Formation of Earth; The Creator tells the story Himself

Origin of life on Earth; Biodiversity; Origin of human beings; The theory of evolution; Challenged by geneticists; The divine revelations; The Christian viewpoint; The Muslim viewpoint; Opinion of Dr Israr Ahmad; Human embryology and the Qur’an; Sadaat analysis; Subhan Qureshi analysis; Survival of human beings and other mammals; The Creator sustaining the living beings; The Vidas reference; Biblical reference; Quranic reference

An animal of no significance; The tree of knowledge; A day in the life of Adam and Eve; The origin of Affluent Society; Talking ghosts; The flood; The end of Sloth; History’s biggest fraud; There is no justice in history; The scent of money; The vicious circle; He and She; Imperial visions; The law of religions; Polytheism; God is one; The secret of success; The capital creed; A growing pie; And they lived happily ever after; Counting happiness; Chemical happiness; Know thyself; End of Homo Sapiens

The Hindu concept; The Judeo-Christian Concept; Opinion of Albert Einstein; Opinion of Stephen Hawking; The Quranic concept; Spiritual Growth; Generosity and Contentment; The last sermon of Prophet Muhammad SAW; Opinion of Mehdi Golshani; Opinion of Dr Abu Ameena Bilal Philips; Opinion of this Author

Mumtaz and Mohsin Review; Wiener Analysis; Irfan Qureshi’s review of emergence of civilizations and the changing power centers; Domestication of plants and animals; The impact of Pakhtoons; The Clash of Civilizations;  Birth of the United Nations; The Sustainable Development Agenda; Rumi, Iqbal and SDGs: DSP connecting past with the future

The Dogan analysis at Charles Sturt University Australia; My Story; My Birthplace; My Quraysh Family; My grandfather; My Father and Mother; My Wife; Early life; Our Marriage; Our kids; Illness and tragic demise; Excellent disposal of responsibilities; Coping with my heavy professional engagements; Mr Matiullah Khan; Dr Gulzar Ali Khan; Maulana Abidullah and his mission; My brothers and kids

to be continued ….

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