Welcome to KP Livestock Expo 2020

Welcome to KP Livestock Expo 2020 organized by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Livestock Farmers Welfare Association in collaboration with public and private sector organizations in continuation to KP Livestock Expo 2019 DSP-2011, DSP-2013, DSP-2015, DSP-2017 and DSP-2019 . It has provided an excellent opportunity for the farmers, processors, service providers and students to play their role in the economic revival of the region with special focus on generation of decent employment and exportable surpluses as envision under the Dairy Science Park.

I’m pleased to invite you as speaker at one of the following Technical Sessions during KP Livestock Expo 2020, scheduled for Dec 9-10, 2020:

  1. Entrepreneurship opportunities across Livestock Value Chain
  2. Scope of Industrialisation in Livestock Sector
  3. Innovations and Technology Transfer
  4. Challenges to SMEs in Livestock Farming, Products Processing and Service Delivery
  5. Public health aspects of livestock farming and products consumption
  6. Policy gaps in the development of Livestock Sector in KP and Balochistan

Each presentation will comprise a talk of about 20 minutes followed by questions and answers.

Prof M Subhan Qureshi www.dairysciencepark.org


Topics recieved for presentation:

  1. Afab Ahmad, National Academy of Young Scientists- – Animals Prebiotics
  2. Muqarrab ÀK – Panel of Experts
  3. Shahnawaz Janjua Karachi – Emerging Aquaculture Sector Development in Pakistan: Innovations and Technology Transfer.
  4. Shah Sawar – Biofloc Fish Technology
  5. Rehmat Institute for Research Promotion- Technology Transfer in Livestock Sector of KP

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