DSP and SBBU Sheringal collaborate in Farming Enterprenureship

Dairy Science Park Peshawar and SBB University Sheringal Dir, would collaborate for “Transforming Farm Resources into Entrepreneurship [TFRE]” focused at evaluating the livestock-based food value chain for entrepreneurship development and utilizing the indigenous natural & human resource base. An MoU was signed by Prof Khan Bahadar Marwat, Vice Chancellor SBBU-S and Prof M Subhan Qureshi Chief Patron DSP, Dr Muhammad Inam Director ORIC/HOD Animal Science Department SBBU-S and Mr Kamran Akram Khan, Secretary DSP. Dr Rafiullah Khan and Dr Naseer also attended the ceremony.

The two organizations would utilize the livestock and poultry production, processing, service delivery and marketing resources in the livestock food value chain for entrepreneurship development. Halal status of food value chain will be ensured at various stages of production and processing regarding animal species and food ingredients with special focus on traceability of products. Standards and legislative guidelines would be developed for farming and processing units and service providers as they relate to dangerous and/or infectious pathogens. Linkages will be strengthened with service providers for the emerging entrepreneurship models. The educated man and women in the region would be facilitated for establishing livestock and poultry based entrepreneurship backed up with hygienic and Halal standards. Sustainable Development Agenda of UN would be supported through #SDGAction9671.

Applied research generated locally and internationally, would  be harvested for entrepreneurship development for the youth. Liaison will be kept with the ORIC offices of the Universities for technology development and field applications to provide solution to the emerging issues. Training and facilitating the outgoing graduates to establish start up projects would be one of the activity to be udnertaken under MoU. Refreshers training courses would be arranged for capacity enhancement of the senior/middle level scientists, farmers, industry representatives, students and policy makers in relevant good practices. Consultation among stakeholders would be ensured on the issues related to producers, consumers and service providers through an Advocacy Forum. The small and medium sized livestock and poultry farms would be evaluated for public health safety and devising modules for minimizing the relevant threats.



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