LEDC Bahawalpur proposed at DSP2023

Prof M Subhan Qureshi suggested establishment of Livestock Entrepreneurship Development Center (LEDC) during #DSP2023 Bahawalpur at IUB as a good governance model of academia-industry-government nexus where a private partner Mr Ahmad Mujtaba Mujtaba Khan Rind will provide land of about 125 acres as a joint venture. The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) would be approached for providing a grant of Rs.100 million (US$ 0.36 million) comprising 70% of Endowment Fund and the remaining a non-lapsable development grant. 

LEDC would be established as a business support powerhouse at IUB with components of Herd Health Program, Animal Health and Production, Meat and Dairy Technology, Halal and Hygienic Certification, Halal Meat Factory, Mini Feed Mill and Entrepreneurship Development Models. The registered farmers would be provided technical, financial, marketing and regulatory support to reduce the production cost and improve product quality/traceability and reach local and international markets. IUB, CAP, SAP and DSP would manage LEDC through a joint management committee and the net profit would be utilised as:

  • 34% would be reserved for the Gift Fund for payment to the extremely vulnerable
  • populations.
  • 28% for the private partner providing land, animals, clinic, factory, meat/milk shop
  • and operational arrangements.
  • 28% will be paid to the relevant faculty members, staff and students involved in HHP.
  • 2.5% each will be paid to DSP, CAP, SAP and IUB.

Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey will provide technical support to LEDC. Two draft MoU’s were shared with all concerned for further processing. The Secretary LDD agreed on considering the proposal for endorsement to the IDB after vetting it in light of the interest of the local community.

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