Livesock Technopark Quetta recommended under DSP-ITC-UN Consultancy

Prof M Subhan Qureshi, President Dairy Science Park considered it as a great experience to work with the International Trade Centre (ITC-UB) as a National  Consultant for developing the “Balochistan Livestock Breeding Policy 2022.” It was an opportunity for me to  utilize my knowledge, skills, and experience gained over 39 years in the public sector and visible interaction  with the private sector, for transformation of the livestock resource-base of Balochistan into prosperity of the  people.

As per the agreed Terms of Reference, a literature review was conducted as Output 1, including analysis of  existing policies, laws, and regulations and the status of livestock breeding services, food safety, and  standards. Based on the review, an issue paper was developed, identifying issues in the following three  categories: (i) Livestock Breeding; (ii) Lack of Good Governance; (iii) Challenges to the Private Sector. 

The consultant interacted with stakeholders in the public and private sectors for Output 2, with a primary  focus on providing a Good Governance Model (GGM) of the Academia-Industry-Government Nexus (AIGN).  In order to assess their current and potential roles in policy-related issues, nine public-sector organizations  were consulted, including the Livestock, Forest, Local Government, and Industries departments, and four  universities (i.e., UOB, BUITEMS, SBKWU, and LUAWM), for the integration of academic wisdom and  resources into the Policy. Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry was engaged for integrating the real  stakeholders from the private sector. Based upon the consultation, recommendations were made for  engaging the relevant public sector organizations in the integrated development strategy of this policy. 

The policy was split into seven thematic areas: Genetic Resource-base Improvement; Sheep and Goats;  Camels; Poultry; Cattle and Buffaloes; Reproductive Management of Animals; and Rangeland Management.  Policy Sections were produced as Farming to Entrepreneurship; Farmers’ and Processors’ Empowerment;  Integrating SDGs; Establishing Endowment Fund; Establishing Functional Units; Introducing Good  Governance Model – Departmental to Integrated Approach; and Establishing Livestock Technopark Quetta. 

An Action Plan and Implementing Strategy were suggested involving various participating organizations to  deliver meaningful services to the community focused on entrepreneurship development for generating  decent employment and exportable surpluses in line with SDGs 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 16. 

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