MoU signed between DSP and Khyber Institute of Vet Sciences

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Dairy Science Park and
Khyber Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Peshawar for “Livestock Entrepreneurship Development (LED)”. 

DSP and KIVS would collaborate through “Livestock Entrepreneurship Development (LED)” for
utilizing the livestock resources in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA for self-employment and hygienic food
production, with the following objectives:

  1. To support the mission of the Dairy Science Park in introducing self-employment models and hygienic food production utilizing the livestock resources
  2. To launch collaborative activities in livestock and poultry production and health for control of
    diseases and reduction of production cost per unit; and develop and replicate feasibility models
    in livestock production, value addition, processing, and marketing
  3. To provide market access to the products of both the regions through the Dairy Science Park
    Innovation program
  4. To provide training to the local farmers and industry representatives on need basis
  5. To address issues of technical and marketing nature in applied collaborative research
    2 Livestock Entrepreneurship Development (LED)
  6. DSP will provide facilities for practicals, lab work, and veterinary practice at partner farms,
    laboratories, and clinics.
  7. DSP will also provide facilities for the treatment of animals, dressing of animals, casting of
    animals, demonstration, practical training, and teaching practices of the students of KIVS
  8. The facilities of KIVS will be utilized by DSP as a corporate partner for development, training,
    demonstration, applied research, data collection, and marketing process
  9. DSP’s entrepreneurship, quality control, and halal concepts will be incorporated into the
    syllabus of courses taught at KIVS
  10. KIVS will be allowed to use the label “DSP Certified” on their products, uniform, and publications
    in consultation with the DSP office
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