Prof MS Qureshi participated in RTAC-USAID Conference

Prof Muhammad Subhan Qureshi, President Dairy Science Park presented a paper titled “Removing Policy barriers across Food Value Chain” at RTAC-USAID/ASU-USA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE “PUBLIC INTEREST TECHNOLOGY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT”. Conflict of interests between the powerful and weaker stakeholders was highlighted which prevents access of the weaker stakeholders to the technologies they need. Engineer Zeeshan Saeed Shah was my Co Host.

Policy barriers were identified as •Public Sector Organizations (PSOs) with predefined mandates •No space for out of box thinking •Lack of coordination among PSOs •No mechanism for conveying inputs from the PSOs to the private sector •Serious issues of regulatory, marketing, financial and admin nature •Food inspection and QC regulations hostile for emerging entrepreneurs •Young generation of farmers, butchers reluctant to enter into these professions •Farming and processing units on way towards collapse

A Good Governance Model was suggested as an attempt to transform the current system of governance, concentrating the powers within a single stakeholder, into a new model with shared authority and responsibilities. All the stakeholders may be covered under the umbrella of Livestock Technopark.

Guiding principal would be: On-campus development of entrepreneurship models; supported by Govt Depts and industry/civil society for building the entrepreneurship network; leading to Halal food export.

Download Presentation-Qureshi+Zeeshan – RTAC+ASU – Public Interest Technology


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