The AI Revolution of 1930s kickstarted livestock Inustry

  1. Phase I: The Early History (17th to 19th Century)
  2. Phase II: Technology Development (20th Century)
  3. Phase III: Kickstart through Coops (20th Century)
  4. Phase IV: Technology advancement
  5. Phase V: Research integrated with commercialization
  6. Phase VI: Technological Perfection – Semen Evaluation, Success Rates,Semen Extension and Cooling,
    Preventing cold shock and disease control, The Role of Cornell University USA, Genetic Selection of
    Bulls for Milk, Semen freezing and packaging, Estrus Detection, Synchronization, and Timing of AI, AI
    in Beef Cattle, AI in Sheep and Goats . AI in Buffaloes
  7. Phase VII: The Advent of Biotechnology – Sexed Semen, Saving endangered species, Stress Physiology at Dairy Science Park, Boosting livestock production through MOET, In vitro Fertilization (IVF), Sexed Embryos, Ovum Pick Up, Cloning, Transgenesis, Marker-assisted selection, Embryogenomics, Stem Cells Technology-Setting the Aging Clock to Zero

Download Powerpoint Presentation – The AI Revolution of 1930 in livestock Sector – by Prof M Subhan Qureshi

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