DSP – ILRI Collaboration

Prof Ibraheem ILRI called on Prof M Subhan Qureshi, Dean FAHVS UAP/Chief Patron Dairy Science Park. Dr Sarzamin Khan and Dr Nadir Khan participation in the discussion on collaboratoin between the two organizations, especially introducing good practices under field conditions to overcome the feeds and fodder issues faced by the livestock farmers. 

Previously, a meeting was was held on price capping chaired by Chief Patron DSP Prof M S Qureshi, Executive members DSP Mr Hafeez ur Rahman, Engr Irfan Qureshi, Mr Kamran Khan, Livestock farmers Mr Ishaq Khan, Mr Mukhtiar Ali, Mr Waliullah, Mr Aliullah, and Veterinary practitioner Dr Muhammadullah. ILRI was represented by Dr Nadar Khan and the support being extended for introduction of improved maize and fodder varieties and improving farming system at Peshawar and Swat were reviewed and appreciated.

The outgoing DVM students would be involved in collecting data on prevailing practices and the relevant constraints. The University Veterinary Clinic would arran

ge field days to the accessible farmers and ILRI would help in analyzing the status of farming system and development of intervention strategies. Service providers and those involved in farm inputs, would be approached to introduce innovations in the farming system. Availability of clean water through solar water pumps, was identified an essential requirement.

ILRI has been sponsoring Mr Nadir Khan, PhD Scholar Animal Nutrition to work on silage production using various maize varieties under local conditions. Romer Lab Rawalpindi has provided inoculums for the experiment. Mr Kamal and another registered farmer in Peshawar have agreed to provide land for the experiment. A silage production facility was established by Khanzada Ahmed Kamal at Mardan. USAID Agribusiness Support Program provided him training and the equipment on subsidized rates. This facility has started producing silage on preliminary pilot basis. Maize fodder is being used as the crop for production of silage.


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