Silage introduced in KP

DSP Innovations has been established as a registered firm with the Ministry of Industries, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to bring innovations in the existing farming system in the private sector. Silage was purchased from Punjab and introduced at the dairy and calf fattening facilities in Peshawar City. Meat Park was established at Peshawar and silage was introduced at the fattening farm owned by another partner of Meat Park which replaced the wheat straw, reduced production cost and improved the growth rate and health of calves. However, the partnership could not continue due to delayed/non-payment to the two investing partners in feed and silage.

A silage production facility was established by Khanzada Ahmed Kamal at Mardan. USAID Agribusiness Support Program provided him training and the equipment on subsidized rates. This facility has started producing silage on preliminary pilot basis. Maize fodder is being used as the crop for production of silage. ILRI has been sponsoring Mr Nadir Khan, PhD Scholar Animal Nutrition to work on silage production using various maize varieties under local conditions. Romer Lab Rawalpindi has provided inoculums for the experiment. Mr Kamal and another registered farmer in Peshawar have agreed to provide land for the experiment.


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