DSP Contributed to “Eco-Security for All – Haikou Initiative”

Prof M Subhan Qureshi, President Dairy Science Park supported the “One Target – An Eco-Security for All: Haikou Initiative” — An Eco-Security System for All” during the NESS International Science Congress 2022. The organizers acknowledged Prof Qureshi for his important contribution to jointly building Initiative. 

The National Eco-Security System (NESS) International Science Network, Haikou Forestry Bureau, and Hainan Normal Uni versity, together with the other 22 co-organizers, sponsored the first NESS International Science Congress and  Workshop on An Eco-Security System for All in Haikou, Hainan Province, China, between 18th and 19th November, 2022.  More than 180 experts and scholars from 112 institutions in 25 countries attended the onsite-online hybrid meetings and  reached the following consensus on the keynote of jointly building an Eco-Security System for All ”.

Several global reports warn that the current global ecological crisis has severely threatened the  long-term survival of human beings. The opposition, conflict, and social division caused by various factors make it difficult for  human beings to gather strength and unite to deal with the deteriorating ecological disaster. Humanity has once again found  themselves standing at a crucial crossroads. At the 2017 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Chinese  President Xi Jinping proposed to the international community a Chinese plan: “Building a Community with a Shared Future for  Mankind (CSFM) to achieve win-win sharing”. The concept of building a CSFM has been written into many resolutions of the  UN and is recognized and endorsed by more and more countries.  

The goal of Building a CSFM includes many aspects and fields such as economy, ecological environment, science, and tech nology, public health, food security etc., “an Eco-Security System for All ” – that is the Ecological Security (Eco-Security)  conditions necessary for survival of human beings (Homo sapiens, from individuals to groups, from children to adults), and  National Eco-Security Systems (NESS) that each country builds at the national level in order to maintain Eco-Security for  its own people – are the guarantee bottom-line and an important cornerstone of CSFM. The international community and  countries worldwide urgently need to carry out systematic and in-depth scientific research and collaborative actions on this  common “bottom line system” as soon as possible. 

Based on the above consensus, the Congress proposed to the international scientific community and scientists from all over  the world the following initiative call:  

  1. It calls on scientists, universities, scientific research institutes and other institution in various countries to pay close attention  to the Eco-Security bottom-line necessary for the long-term survival of the children of ourselves and our own countries, and  people of our own countries, have the courage to take our responsibility, and actively support and participate in relevant sci entific research and collaborative actions in their countries. 
  2. It calls on the international scientific community, universities, research institutions, and international organizations to pay attention to the Eco-Security targets needed for the sustainable survival of all children and mankind around the world, form con sensus and actively support and participate in relevant scientific research collaborations and joint actions around the theme of  establishing “an Eco-Security System for All”  

NESS International Science Congress 2022 



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